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Merry Snackmas - Munchies

Merry Snackmas - Munchies

Merry Snackmas - Munchies

Hi guys I thought I would get back into blogging, because it's something I really enjoy doing. With Christmas literally just around the corner I thought I would do something festive, and thus I bring you Merry Snackmas! Each day in the lead up to Christmas day I will review a product from my range, this really excites me because a) its almost Christmas and b) I get to try some amazing sweet treats!

December 1, 2017 - Munchies!

Ok so I'm just going to jump straight in and say that UK chocolate is totally different chocolate to what I'm use to in Australia! Munchies, have a silky smooth chocolate outer that to me seems like more of a dark chocolate (ps I LOVE milk chocolate)! The second layer is a biscuit that really adds texture to these bite size treats. Then you get hit with that delicious gooey caramel centre, this reminds me so much of Rolo - YUM! They literally melt in your mouth! I've never tried Munchies before, and from what I've been told they're pretty similar to Twix. Totally not the case??? I LOVE Twix in fact they are my chocolate bar of choice. Munchies in my opinion are not really similar to a Twix, I mean the caramel taste different and also they're not as crumbly as a Twix. Different in a good way I say, I mean I could sit down and eat 101 Twix bars in one sitting Munchies not so much ;)

I am going to give Munchies an 8/10. I really liked the texture and taste of these, but I think I went in with the expectation of them tasting like a Twix and was a little disappointed! I would definitely veg out on these again!

If you guys have tried Munchies let me know what you think! Also let me know if you think they taste like Twix?

  • Jen Weinman